Chantal is an independent, South African artisan, with an Honours B.A. Fine Arts degree (cum laude) in ‘Creative Jewellery Design and Manufacture’ from the University of Stellenbosch.

She lectured at her alma mater for a number of years before offering private jewellery-making classes from her home, as well as having two shops – one in Stellenbosch and one in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. She is no longer in retail … preferring to spend her time and energy on her own creations and skills development. She is, however, once again offering semi-private courses in basic silversmithing techniques.

After working for years in precious metals, she now endeavours to make her creations available to a wider range of individuals and income groups so has chosen pewter, bronze and brass as her metals of expression. The earthy colours and casting qualities lend themselves better to her aesthetic sense and style.

Her pieces are handcrafted, cast and assembled by Chantal and her small team of helpers in the Midlands.

Natural forms, organic shapes and textures, inspired by Mother Nature and Mother Africa’s varying landforms, plants and peoples are some of the dominant influences in her work.

Chantal Mayer modern primitive creations combine the raw and unrefined appeal of primitive: forms, textures, patterns, surfaces and organic elements, with modern: techniques, silhouettes and materials. A heady mix! Her current ‘jewels’ have often been described as “affordable, wearable art”.

“Chantal is, undoubtedly, one of SA’s most talented jewellery designer/goldsmiths. She has an eye not only for the unexpected and the unusual, but executes her pieces with unparalleled craftsmanship and skill. She was one of my lecturers at university - one of those rare tutors who leaves a great impression as she taught me to experiment wildly - push boundaries - subtle as they might be, to realise craft that was deeply alluring even at its most basic level. She is a gentle yet provocative person and designer who came to work alongside me in our studio managing our production team… we gleaned much expertise and excellence under her guidance. I am crazy about her work and her ethics.” KIRSTEN GOSS